About us

Ryan: Founder of SCOOT Apparel
Walk before you run... or SCOOT before you walk. Our story goes back to 2007 when our youngest son Ryan was born. He was a curious fellow and having two older brothers challenged him to keep up daily. He figured out his own technique of doing just that. Watching Ryan SCOOT to keep up with his brothers was quite amusing and inspiring. Our idea for a company name was born. We make threads for the swift moving.
All of us at SCOOT are mountain bikers and cyclists and love biking culture. We love being outdoors and on our local trails just like you. We find humor in our everyday lives and express it daily. Those expressions and our sense of humor we wanted to print on t-shirts so we decided to do just that.
Take a browse at our SCOOTism tees or order up a custom one with your local trail name or any trail on the planet that you've already ridden or haven't yet. When you show up for a ride and meet your squad you will be the coolest pedaler for sure. We are SCOOT... we make threads for the swift moving.
Our Process:
As you know by now our crew here at SCOOT are meticulous about everything we do. Finding the right Tees and deciding on the right process to make our apparel took a lot of time. We labored over buying samples, cutting vinyl, transferring designs, finding the right embroidered label and even learning how to sew. Detail is very important and we wanted our shirts to be unique.
When you place your order it goes to production within 48 hours. By the third day your shirt ships and shipping generally takes 3-5 business days. We promise you'll feel special when you open a SCOOT box. Enjoy and see you on the trails!